Shop update #05/2018

ATARAXY – “Where All Hope Fades” MC
BLASPHERIAN – “Infernal Warriors Of Death” MC
BUTCHER ABC – “North Of Hell” MC
CAUSTIC WOUND – “Caustic Wound” MC
KONVENT – “Konvent” MC
NEKRO DRUNKZ – “Sleaze Metal Slaughter” 7″ (restock)
OBSCURE INFINITY – “Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness” MC
OPHIS – “The Dismal Circle” DLP (restock)
OPHIS – “Withered Shades” DLP (restock)
REVEL IN FLESH – “Emissary Of All Plagues” MC (restock)
ROTTED – “Pestilent Tomb” MC

Shop update #04/2018

Three new items and four restocks added to the distro:

ANATOMIA / SURGIKILL split 7″ (restock)
ATAVISMA – “On The Ruins Of A Fallen Empire” 7″
COFFIN ROT – “Coffin Rot” MC
DISKORD – “Doomscapes” LP (black/pink vinyl) (restock)
GHOULGOTHA / RUIN – “Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease” split 7″ (restock)
GHOULGOTHA / RUIN – “Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease” split 7″ (clear vinyl) (restock)
ROTHEADS – “Sewer Fiends” MC

Shop update #03/2018

CRYPTIC BROOD / DISKORD – “Oscillating Brain Tour 2018” TS
CRYPTIC BROOD – “Ridden With Dementia” TS
ENTRAPMENT / MASSIVE ASSAULT split 7″ (restock!)
GRIM FATE – “Emerging From The Crypt” MC
HUMILIATION / OLDSKULL – “Death Crawling / Night Howler” split 7″ (yellow)
INCINERATOR – “Human Garbage” 7″
PYRE / INTERMENT – “There Is No Redemtion At The Gates Of Wrath” split 7″
VOIDS OF VOMIT – “Ritval Expiation” 7″
WOMBBATH / OBSCURE INFINITY – “Upwards On A Thousand Lies” split 7″ (red)

CRYPTIC BROOD merch available from Lycanthropic Chants now

CRYPTIC BROOD and Lycanthropic Chants had their own, seperate shops in the past. The people active behind these two monikers were, are and will be the same. This fact made the decision to move the CRYPTIC BROOD merch over to the Lycanthropic Chants distro.

All money from the sales of CRYPTIC BROOD merch will go uncut to the band.

Shop update #12/2017

COFFIN DUST – “Everything Is Dead” MC
COFFIN DUST – “This Cemetery, My Kingdom” MC
EXCISED – “Rotting Away” MC
GRAVEHAMMER – “Nine Days Deep” MC
GRAVESITE – “Horrifying Nightmares” MC
GRAVESITE – “Neverending Trail Of Skulls” MC
MORGUE SUPPLIER – “Morgue Supplier” LP
OLDSKULL – “Oldskull Of Death” MC
OPHIS – “The Dismal Circle” DLP
RESTOS HUMANOS – “Restos Humanos” MC restock
WRATHRONE – “Born Beneath” MC