Shop update #05/2018

ATARAXY – “Where All Hope Fades” MC
BLASPHERIAN – “Infernal Warriors Of Death” MC
BUTCHER ABC – “North Of Hell” MC
CAUSTIC WOUND – “Caustic Wound” MC
KONVENT – “Konvent” MC
NEKRO DRUNKZ – “Sleaze Metal Slaughter” 7″ (restock)
OBSCURE INFINITY – “Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness” MC
OPHIS – “The Dismal Circle” DLP (restock)
OPHIS – “Withered Shades” DLP (restock)
REVEL IN FLESH – “Emissary Of All Plagues” MC (restock)
ROTTED – “Pestilent Tomb” MC

HAEMOPHAGUS + EKPYROSIS “Impending Dread Over Europe” tour

HAEMOPHAUGS + EKPYROSIS will terrorize you with their two weeks long “Impending Dread Over Europe” tour. The tour stars tomorrow and looks like this:

2018.05.18, CHE/Wil @S20 (Facebook)
2018.05.19, GER/Kassel @Hellroom (Facebook)
2018.05.20, GER/Darmstadt @Oetinger Villa (Facebook)
2018.05.21, GER/Bonn @BLA (Facebook)
2018.05.22, BEL/Antwerp @Music City (Facebook)
2018.05.23, NLD/Groningen @Bambara (Facebook)
2018.05.24, GER/Wolfsburg @s.v. Jugendhaus Ost (Facebook)
2018.05.25, GER/Torgau @Grind The Nazi Scum Festival (Facebook)
2018.05.26, GER/Hamburg @Gängeviertel (Facebook)
2018.05.27, DNK/Copenhagen @Ungdomshuset (Facebook)
2018.05.29, GER/Rostock @BLM Tonstudio (Facebook)
2018.05.30, CZE/Prague @Modra Vopice (Facebook)
2018.05.31, SVK/Bratislava @Garazach (Facebook)
2018.06.01, HUN/Budapest @Pince (Facebook)
2018.06.02, SVN/Ljubljana @Gromka (Facebook)
2018.06.03, ITA/Milano @Circolo Svolta, Rozzano (Facebook)

HAEMOPHAGUS‘ third album “Stream Of Shadows” was released on vinyl by Lycanthropic Chants and is available here.

HAEMOPHAGUS - "Stream Of Shadows" LP cover. Artwork by Luis Sendón.
HAEMOPHAGUS – “Stream Of Shadows” LP cover. Artwork by Luis Sendón.

Shop update #04/2018

Three new items and four restocks added to the distro:

ANATOMIA / SURGIKILL split 7″ (restock)
ATAVISMA – “On The Ruins Of A Fallen Empire” 7″
COFFIN ROT – “Coffin Rot” MC
DISKORD – “Doomscapes” LP (black/pink vinyl) (restock)
GHOULGOTHA / RUIN – “Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease” split 7″ (restock)
GHOULGOTHA / RUIN – “Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease” split 7″ (clear vinyl) (restock)
ROTHEADS – “Sewer Fiends” MC

ANATOMIA + CRYPTIC BROOD “Infectious Decay” European tour announcement!

“Infectious Decay” is description enough to give this disgusting tour – presented by Lycanthropic Chants – a proper name: Japan’s most horrifying Death Metal outfit ANATOMIA joins forces with the mold loving creeps of CRYPTIC BROOD from Germany to deliver a week full of slimy and morbid tunes. The dismal events will take place from 29th September 2018 to 06th October 2018 …beware!

Interested bookers get in touch via lycanthropic(-at-)email(-dot-)de

Poster art by Necromaniac Artworks.



Lycanthropic Chants

CASKET / GRAVEYARD GHOUL split 7″ out now

Out now: CASKET / GRAVEYARD GHOUL split 7″

Lycanthropic Chants opens the coffin lid to unveil two of the mouldiest bands from the German Death Metal underground:

~300 copies. Limited versions are available. Exclusive tracks from both bands. Includes a free digital download.

A GRAVEYARD GHOUL motion picture will smash your head with a tombstone at this location.

Please find a short teaser for this split release here.

Order here:

Black vinyl = 147 copies
Green/black marbled vinyl = 97 copies
Mouldy orange vinyl = 43 copies

Feel free to spread the flyer for this release:

Shop update #03/2018

CRYPTIC BROOD / DISKORD – “Oscillating Brain Tour 2018” TS
CRYPTIC BROOD – “Ridden With Dementia” TS
ENTRAPMENT / MASSIVE ASSAULT split 7″ (restock!)
GRIM FATE – “Emerging From The Crypt” MC
HUMILIATION / OLDSKULL – “Death Crawling / Night Howler” split 7″ (yellow)
INCINERATOR – “Human Garbage” 7″
PYRE / INTERMENT – “There Is No Redemtion At The Gates Of Wrath” split 7″
VOIDS OF VOMIT – “Ritval Expiation” 7″
WOMBBATH / OBSCURE INFINITY – “Upwards On A Thousand Lies” split 7″ (red)