HITZBOLD – “Manufaktur” EP out now!

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HITZBOLD is a young and passionate band from Osnabrück/Germany. Their way of blending different kinds of genres from punk to metal and beyond is remarkable. So we’re stoked to support this band and release their “Manufaktur” EP on tape!

Release info:

50x green shell tapes, 270gsm yellow neon paper cover, hand-numbered, free digital download.
53x dark yellow shell tapes, 270gsm green neon paper cover, hand-numbered, free digital download.

Catalogue number: LYNCH046
Release date: 1st July 2022

MASAKRE – “Morbid Extinction” out now!

Available from our shop.

Indonesian Deathcrust upheavals MASAKRE unleashes the group’s latest bombardment “Morbid Extinction”, an EP of paramount and undeniably reeking in bloodthirsty nature
Right from the opener that sounds akin to a straight-up declaration of war, “Morbid Extinction” sounds absolutely immense and gripping; tiptoeing a thin line between Crust Punk and old school Death Metal and yet MASAKRE manages to churn out every riff with a fresh yet deadly perspective.

Release info:

103x red shell tapes, 300gsm cover, free digital download.

Catalogue number: LYNCH045
Release date: 1st July 2022

MINENFELD – “Night Raid” MLP repress available

The first press has sold out quick and we immediatly ordered a repress: 250 copies on oxblood red 12″ vinyl with etching on side B. Packed in black poly-lined bags, 300gsm cover with obi-strip and 150gsm art paper insert plus download code. They are available for pre-ordering now and will be released on 1st July 2022!

Spawning from the global death-surge, “Night Raid” by MINENFELD will definitely leave you a memento mori impression on one of the heaviest slabs of ancient death metal. Delivering death metal in its most skull crushing quality and mid-paced madness that once you have learned from BOLT THROWER, this German war master quartet sounds like a tank rumbling across the corpse landscape. Every time their deadly beats pounding, the guitar onslaught and the drums blazing — it encapsulates the atrocities of battle.

Recorded at the Eastern Bunker, their attack in a mere 14 minutes is free floating chaos like an everflowing stream under the command of Henner Rekorder as the sound engineer and mastered by Role at Tonmeisterei which assists the band in finally churning out its distinctive signature sound. And the cover art contributed by Jan Buragay profoundly channeled MINENFELD’s energy to explore their darkest fantasy in a combat zone of unending cruelty and savage barbarism. May the war on nationalism never end!

Fitting for their name, MINENFELD (German for minefield), if you are ready to listen to a record that was written on bloodied fields and driven by war without end that soaring woefully. This utterly compelling masterpiece is for you:

Shop update #03/2022

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SAVAGE DEITY – “Decade Of Savagery” LP (clear vinyl & blue vinyl)
SAVAGE DEITY – “Decade Of Savagery” MC

SEPULCHRAL CURSE – “Deathbed Sessions” EP out now!

SEPULCHRAL CURSE – “Deathbed Sessions” EP on 12” vinyl and tape is out today! You can listen to one song on YouTube but the EP is also streaming in its entirety on any streaming service of your preference!

After the release of their highly acclaimed debut album ”Only Ashes Remain”, the world was ravaged by the plague. As always, SEPULCHRAL CURSE did not find it suitable to stand still and headed out to the studio to record their new EP “Deathbed Sessions”. Featuring three previously unreleased songs and one cover track as a tribute to Finnish Death Metal, the latest offering shows that SEPULCHRAL CURSE is here to take the scene by storm! Furious and relentless Death Metal combined with twisted and ominous brutality. From the more atmospheric song “Circular Aeons” to the wrathful attack of “Dystheist”, the EP shows that SEPULCHRAL CURSE is not afraid to blaze their own trail.
“Dystheist” pushes the boundaries and the sound of the band to the extremes. “Deathbed Sessions” will see the light of day on May 6th, 2022. Lycanthropic Chants is releasing the EP on vinyl, tape and digital, Transylvanian Recordings is handling the US tape and Personal Records will work with the CD.
You can catch the band live with the new line up 10.06.2022 at Bar Loose, Helsinki or 10.09.2022 at Byker Grave Festival II in Newcastle, UK. More dates will be announced.

Release info vinyl:
All versions have black inner-sleeves, 300gsm cover and 170gsm insert plus download code:

* 162x black 12” vinyl
* 113x purple 12” vinyl

Release info tape:

* 100x purple shell tapes, 170gsm cover, hand numbered, free digital download.

Catalogue number: LYNCH042

Horrid Cacophony 2022

Presented by F.D.A. Records & Lycanthropic Chants:

“Horrid Cacophony 2022” mini tour w/

2022.04.21, GER/Hamburg @ Bambi Galore (Facebook)
2022.04.22, GER/Hof @ Wiesla (Facebook)
2022.04.23, GER/Regensburg @ Alte Mälzerei (Facebook)

When there’s no more room in the morgue, the dead will walk the earth to feast on the living! We’re happy to announce the “Horrid Cacophony 2022” mini-tour with OPHIS, FEACES CHRIST and REPULSIVE FEAST. You never deserved to leave quarantine if you miss this!

Please go to the websites of the venues to get information about regulations due to COVID-19.


Am Donnerstag, den 19.05.2022 im Sauna-Klub in Wolfsburg:

CRYPTIC SHIFT (Technical Thrash/Death Metal / GBR, Leeds)
BEDSORE (Progressive Death Metal / ITA, Lazio)
CYPHONISM (Death Metal / GER, Wolfsburg)

Tür öffnet 19:00 Uhr
Bands beginnen 20:00 Uhr
Abendkasse kostet 10 EUR

Facebook event page.

Schachtweg 31
38440 Wolfsburg

Für Konzerte im Sauna-Klub gilt die 2G+ Regel. Das bedeutet, Zutritt nur für Genesene oder Geimpfte mit einem zusätzlichen max. 24 Stunden alten Schnelltest (kein Selbsttest!). Davon ausgenommen sind Besucher, die eine Auffrischungsimpfung (Booster) erhalten haben.
Bitte bringt die erforderlichen Nachweise möglichst in digitaler Form und ein gültiges Ausweisdokument mit.

CASKET / FILTHDIGGER – “Butcher’s Vomit” split-7″ out now!

CASKET / FILTHDIGGER – “Butcher’s Vomit” split on 7″ vinyl is out now!

The world is in utter chaos as German horrific death metallers CASKET is joining force with the unstoppable Norwegian gravediggers FILTHDIGGER to unleash a new split 7″. Each band provides one recording with a total running nearly eleven minutes — a significant number to create something extremely significant release. And what makes this split release an entirely fascinating piece of art, these two entities are successfully keeping the darkest, oldest roots of death metal’s savagery and morbid majesty intact in a surprisingly short amount of time.

The pairing combines two tracks with a storm of malevolent riffs and very powerful and remarkable melody lines. Both CASKET and FILTHDIGGER sonically and aesthetically align to create a whole in an underground charm. The relentless morbidity coupled with tons of catchy and groovy passages is a perfect dose that does not lack anything that will make diehards devote their ears to this 7″.

All versions have black inner-sleeves, 300gsm cover and 170gsm insert plus download code:

50x splodgy butcher’s suite blue
100x butcher’s vomit beige
150x black vinyl

Release date: 1st April 2022
Catalogue number: LYNCH037

Two new releases available for ordering

Two new releases are available for ordering from our shop today:

CASKET / FILTHDIGGER – “Butcher’s Vomit” split-7″

SEPULCHRAL CURSE – “Deathbed Sessions” MLP and tape.

Release date for the CASKET / FILTHDIGGER split-7″ is set to 1st April 2022. Shipping starts as soon as the covers arrive in the Lycanthropic Chants dungeon. Due to the current situation this might still might take a few days or weeks. The full record is streaming on YouTube now!

The new EP from SEPULCHRAL CURSE will be released on 6th May 2022. A first single is streaming on YouTube now! The vinyl version is on sale during pre-sale.