Lycanthropic Chants releases

LYNCH007 FVNERAL FVKK – “Lecherous Liturgies” MC
LYNCH006 HAEMOPHAGUS – “Stream Of Shadows” LP
LYNCH005 CASKET – “Ghouls Of Filth” MC
LYNCH004 MINOTAUR HEAD – “Minotaur Head” MC
LYNCH003 SEPULCHRAL CURSE – “At The Onset Of Extinction” MC
LYNCH002 MORTE – “Lento descenso a la putrefacción” MC
LYNCH001 GOD DISEASE – “Rebirth Of Horror” MC

Concerts presented by Lycanthropic Chants

Previous shows under other monikers than Lycanthropic Chants (years 2005 – 2016) can be found on this page.