SNĚŤ – “Mokvání V Okovech” MC

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SNĚŤ – “Mokvání V Okovech” MC

„Mokvání V Okovech“, the debut album from Prague-based tormentors SNĚŤ, makes great on the promise about everything you would expect of subterranean and monstrous Death Metal. Pure darkness and aggression is here, their first sonic exploration of the essence from the devastating and crushing nature of its predecessor, AUTOPSY to the very early of Swedeath, done with the utterly right feeling.

It would take another two years before SNĚŤ deliver their debut. It was very much worth the wait when it arrived. Eight tracks of pounding, deeper with its melodies, obscure Death Metal await the listener. This Czech entity will destroy everything with relentless savagery and mind-mangling cryptic music.

To resume then – SNĚŤ has a great obscure and dark feeling which is infectious. At some parts it’s mercilessly fast fueled with an explosion of madness and sometimes it’s slower encrusted with a thick layer of brilliant morbid riffs, they are forever twisting and never stagnating. Which is to say nothing but their debut has a gigantic and powerful production, that also underlines their devotion to death metal classicism is inevitable. And the cover art courtesy of Tomáš Mitura describes the record perfectly. It certainly does a legit mark, SNĚŤ is offering something else.

If you seek grandiose innovation, you are now roaming the right cemetery.

* 33 copies in a 300gsm folding box that will please your pathological urge (see pictures on the product page!), 170gsm inlay and orange shell tape. Hand numbered and including a download-code.
* 111 regular edition copies on yellow shell tapes, hand numbered and including a digital download-code.

Release date: 14th May 2021
Catalogue number: LYNCH035

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