MINENFELD – “Night Raid” MC


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MINENFELD – “Night Raid” MC

Pre-order! All pre-orders include shell casings and a 25mm/1inch button pin.

Spawning from the global death-surge, “Night Raid” by MINENFELD will definitely leave you a memento mori impression on one of the heaviest slabs of ancient death metal. Delivering death metal in its most skull crushing quality and mid-paced madness that once you have learned from BOLT THROWER, this German war master quartet sounds like a tank rumbling across the corpse landscape. Every time their deadly beats pounding, the guitar onslaught and the drums blazing — it encapsulates the atrocities of battle.

Recorded at the Eastern Bunker, their attack in a mere 14 minutes is free floating chaos like an everflowing stream under the command of Henner Rekorder as the sound engineer and mastered by Role at Tonmeisterei which assists the band in finally churning out its distinctive signature sound. And the cover art contributed by Jan Buragay profoundly channeled MINENFELD’s energy to explore their darkest fantasy in a combat zone of unending cruelty and savage barbarism. May the war on nationalism never end!

Fitting for their name, MINENFELD (German for minefield), if you are ready to listen to a record that was written on bloodied fields and driven by war without end that soaring woefully. This utterly compelling masterpiece is for you.

This is the tape version:

100x white shell tapes, hand numbered, free digital download, 350gsm black paper slipcase.

For the vinyl version click here.

Release date: 12th November 2021
Catalogue number: LYNCH040

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