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In death metal there is no law!

Hamburg based death metal commando DAWN OF OBLITERATION definitely set out to conquer the underground scene with their latest EP entitled “Ruins”. This release will beat loads of other records in terms of its sheer ferocity and the oppressively heavy the whole thing is. “Ruins” is a great successor to their previous masterpiece release “Dawn of Obliteration” in 2013.

It is essentially a purer form of death metal – free from any of the classic death metal traits that oftentimes only stick with one influential preference to bring forth its madness. You can hear many great influences from various death and doom metal classick of yesteryear in some places. One could even say this EP bears the resemblance of heaviness to the work of mighty BOLT THROWER. And that is saying something.

The quality of “Ruins” lies not within individual songs but the whole EP in its entirety under 14:40 minutes of rough savagery. Of corpse, the full impression this new DAWN OF OBLITERATION will smashes mercilessly onto its death metal fans with their unrelenting atmosphere of horror. And if there is a release that came out in the year of 2019 that is meant to blow your mind away and worth mentioning, this is definitely that proper choice and will finally be available physically:

* 250 copies on one sided 12“ black vinyl with etching on side B. The release is hand nubmered and comes in a 300g/m² cover with black inner sleve and includes a free digital download code. Please find the vinyl version at this location.

* 100 copies on grey shell tape, hand numbered and includes a free digital download code.

Catalogue number: LYNCH027
Release date: 26th February 2021

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