SNĚŤ and BASTARD GRAVE tapes out now!

Today, Lycanthropic Chants presents two new releases some of you have been waiting for:

SNĚŤ – “Promo 2019” MC (LYNCH018)

Promo tape by this promising band from Prague/Czech Republic. Studio- plus live recordings that will give you an impression of the sick Death Metal we can await in the future. Promo tape limited to hand numbered 100 copies. Cover printed on 300g recycled paper. Free digital download code included.

Order from our shop.

Listen to the studio recordings here.

BASTARD GRAVE – “Diorama Of Human Suffering” MC (LYNCH020)

High quality dödsmetall hailing from Hel(l)singborg/Sweden. BASTARD GRAVE’s second full-length album is a great next step in their discography, taking their Death Metal into an unexpected direction. The tape is limited to 133 hand numbered copies. Covers printed on matt 250g paper. Free digital download code included.

Order from our shop.

Listen here.

REPULSIVE FEAST – “Brewing Rancid Stew” EP on 7″ vinyl out now!

The first physical regurgitation of REPULSIVE FEAST was released in September 2018. Now, nearly one year later, I‘m very excited to present the new release of this trio:

REPULSIVE FEAST – „Brewing Rancid Stew“ EP on 7“ vinyl.

Four tracks of horrifying death metal limited to 203 black and 97 smeary black and white copies.

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These are the next live appearances:

2019.08.30, GER/Berlin @Morbid Catacombs Fest
2019.09.04, GER/Wolfsburg @s.v. Jugendhaus Ost*
2019.09.05, GER/Hamburg @Bambi Galore*
2019.09.06, BEL/Leopoldsburg @Plug-in*
2019.09.07, GER/Ernsthausen @Masters Of The Unicorn Fest*

Artwork by Syrtis Art.


Two new tape releases out now!

After more than six months without a new release, it’s time to unleash two new tapes:

GOD DISEASE – “Drifting Towards Inevitable Death”
Catalogue number: LYNCH015

This release has a connection back to the very first days of Lycanthropic Chants. GOD DISEASE‘s EP entitled “Rebirth Of Horror” was the first release on this label. So I’m very happy that the band agreed on letting Lycanthropic Chants release their first full-length album “Drifting Towards Inevitable Death” on tape too. Dark & heavy death/doom from Finland!

Limited run of 33 tapes on different coloured shell and on-body-print plus 25mm button. 100 tapes as regular edition. All tapes include a free digital download code and are available from the shop.

MINENFELD – “The Great Adventure”
Catalogue number: LYNCH016

It’s a great pleasure to be allowed to release the first album of my friends MINENFELD from Osnabrück/Germany on tape. The album tells the tale of the US-American involvement in the great war by contrasting both original propaganda speeches, samples and songs with grinding, growling, thundering death metal. A tale of a war that was given the name “the great adventure”, where many searched for glory and only found death.

Limited run of 33 tapes on different coloured shell in a special packaging. 100 tapes as regular edition. All tapes include a free digital download code and are available from the shop.

Lycanthropic Chants opens the coffin lid to present the “Infectious Decay” split 7” and longsleeve

The dismal slow death of ANATOMIA meets CRYPTIC BROOD‘s rotten metal of death on one swampy piece of wax. Exclusive tracks by both bands. ~500 copies made, limited versions available:

100x transparent skull vomit green vinyl
97x bleached bone vinyl with different cover (available on tour only)
+free digital download.

Get your physical copy now!

The artwork was done by Thomas Westphal (Necromaniac Artworks).

Enshroud your corpse, infected with decay in this sarcophagus of cotton:

Shipping starts after returning from the tour – orders including the longsleeves maybe a bit later!

More info about both bands:



REPULSIVE FEAST – “Demo #1” MC and T-Shirt out now!

Lycanthropic Chants presents the first horrifying death metal rampage of REPULSIVE FEAST on tape: “Demo #1” is out now and ready to grind you to sludge!

Limited to 100 hand numbered copies.
+free digital download code.

Available from our shop.

And when REPULSIVE FEAST‘s death metal let maggots dwell in your head, cover them with this piece of cotton:

REPULSIVE FEAST – “Maggots Dwell In Your Head” TS

EKPYROSIS – “Primordial Chaos Restored” press quotes

Here’s a collection of selected review quotes about EKPYROSIS‘ latest EP “Primordial Chaos Restored”.

The EP is available on tape from this location.

Great to see it has been critically acclaimed, both on metal webzines and paper magazines:

“Even darker than the album material!”

– Rock Hard (GER)

“An EP devoted to darkness and merciless chaos.”


“The production and performances throughout this EP are sounding fierce. Solid material!”

– Zero Tolerance Magazine (GBR)

“This expands even more into Finnish and American Death-Doom-matter! Well done!”

– Legacy – The Voice From The Dark Side (GER)

“A genuine and inspired death metal distillate.”

– (ITA)

“Ekpyrosis’ brand of mouldy, yet extra-terrestrial death metal is sure to stand the test of time”

– Metal Forces (GBR)

“A fine old school Death Metal gem”

– Voices From The Darkside (GER)

“Pitch black!”

– (GER)

“The riffing and guitar work is great”

– Metal Temple (GRE)

“Fans of Immolation, Incantation and mid-period Morbid Angel can buy this without a pre-listen.”

– Lords Of Metal (NLD)

“This is death metal worth dying for!”

– Toilet ov Hell (USA)

“This EP offers an insight into sulphureos, gloomy yet outright violent death metal”

– Metal It – (ITA)