PANZER SQUAD – “Panzer Squad” 7“ advanced song and pre-order

The new EP by PANZER SQUAD from Osnabrück/Germany with four exclusive attacks of filthy Deathrash is available for pre-order now! Two different versions to chose from:

* regular edition of 200 copies on black vinyl with black/white labels and 300 g/m² fold out inlay.
* special edition of 100 copies on black vinyl with kraft paper coloured labels and 350 g/m² brown kraft paper fold out inlay.

Both versions of the record are housed in black inner sleeves and include a free digital download code.

You can listen to one advanced track at on YouTube and pre-order the 7″ from our Shop

Catalogue number: LYNCH029
Release date: 12th June 2020

Lycanthropic Chants presents new releases from MORIBUND SCUM and MINENFELD

Lycanthropic Chants presents two new releases. Both were supposed to be out for the upcoming tours of both bands. Unfortunately these plans changed due to well know reasons.

1. MORIBUND SCUM – „…only Death“ MC
2. MINENFELD – „The Great Adventure“ MC repress

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MORIBUND SCUM – “…only Death” MC
Catalogue number: LYNCH028

Second album by these adorable metal punks from Braunschweig/Germany. Expect powerfull death crust, charged with thrashy riffs. The release of this album also marks the 10th birthday of this band.

30x pink shell tapes
30x light blue shell tapes
30x white shell tapes
30x silver shell tapes

All tapes are hand numbered and include a free digital download code.

Buy from our shop.

Listen here.

Find more info about MORIBUND SCUM on:

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MINENFELD – “The Great Adventure” MC 2nd press.
Catalogue number: LYNCH016

It’s a great pleasure to be allowed to release the first album of my friends MINENFELD from Osnabrück/Germany on tape. The album tells the tale of the US-American involvement in the great war by contrasting both original propaganda speeches, samples and songs with grinding, growling, thundering death metal. A tale of a war that was given the name “the great adventure”, where many searched for glory and only found death.

Light blue shell tapes, hand numbered and free digital download code plus 25mm pin.

Get your copy from our shop.

Listen on YouTube.

Find more info about MINENFELD at:

FILTHDIGGER – “Defied Mummified” MC out now

First release of the new year is a hard and fast chopping spree from Norway. FILTHDIGGER serve death metal the way it’s meant to be: raw! “Defied Mummified” is the name of their new EP and it’s the first release of this band since their demo in 2017.

The tape is limited to 100 hand numbered copies. Covers are made of 300g recycling paper and there’s furthermore a free digital download code included.

The tape is available from our shop now!

Find more info about FILTHDIGGER at:

CRYPTIC BROOD – “Outcome Of Obnixious Science” MC available now!

The tape version of the new CRYPTIC BROOD album “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science” is available from our shop now!

Official release date = 22nd November 2019.

Three different tape versions were made:

* 66 special edition, clear shell tapes in a 300 g/m² recycling paper slipcase.
* 66 regular edition, green shell tapes.
* 66 tour edition, yellow shell tapes. (sold out, only available on the “In The Grip Of Death” Europen tour)

All tapes are hand-numbered, come with 3 panel J-card, lyric sheet and include a free digital download.

The brood’s second full-length album is a sonic lobotomy that vaporizes your brain in a vortex of filth. Rotten metal of death to shatter your skull with ghastly grindcore and distasteful doom metal, (de-)composed in their dungeon in Wolfsburg/Germany.


GRAVEYARD GHOUL: new song, new EP

Check out the new song from GRAVEYARD GHOUL! Their new EP “The Dissolution Of Flesh” will be released by Lycanthropic Chants very soon. It’s already available from our shop now at this location.

The tape will be available in two versions:

44 special edition tapes housed in a craft paper coffin plus sticker.
111 regular edition tapes.

All tapes include a free digital download code.

SNĚŤ and BASTARD GRAVE tapes out now!

Today, Lycanthropic Chants presents two new releases some of you have been waiting for:

SNĚŤ – “Promo 2019” MC (LYNCH018)

Promo tape by this promising band from Prague/Czech Republic. Studio- plus live recordings that will give you an impression of the sick Death Metal we can await in the future. Promo tape limited to hand numbered 100 copies. Cover printed on 300g recycled paper. Free digital download code included.

Order from our shop.

Listen to the studio recordings here.

BASTARD GRAVE – “Diorama Of Human Suffering” MC (LYNCH020)

High quality dödsmetall hailing from Hel(l)singborg/Sweden. BASTARD GRAVE’s second full-length album is a great next step in their discography, taking their Death Metal into an unexpected direction. The tape is limited to 133 hand numbered copies. Covers printed on matt 250g paper. Free digital download code included.

Order from our shop.

Listen here.

REPULSIVE FEAST – “Brewing Rancid Stew” EP on 7″ vinyl out now!

The first physical regurgitation of REPULSIVE FEAST was released in September 2018. Now, nearly one year later, I‘m very excited to present the new release of this trio:

REPULSIVE FEAST – „Brewing Rancid Stew“ EP on 7“ vinyl.

Four tracks of horrifying death metal limited to 203 black and 97 smeary black and white copies.

Order your copy from our shop.

These are the next live appearances:

2019.08.30, GER/Berlin @Morbid Catacombs Fest
2019.09.04, GER/Wolfsburg @s.v. Jugendhaus Ost*
2019.09.05, GER/Hamburg @Bambi Galore*
2019.09.06, BEL/Leopoldsburg @Plug-in*
2019.09.07, GER/Ernsthausen @Masters Of The Unicorn Fest*

Artwork by Syrtis Art.