SEPULCHRAL CURSE – “Deathbed Sessions” EP out now!

SEPULCHRAL CURSE – “Deathbed Sessions” EP on 12” vinyl and tape is out today! You can listen to one song on YouTube but the EP is also streaming in its entirety on any streaming service of your preference!

After the release of their highly acclaimed debut album ”Only Ashes Remain”, the world was ravaged by the plague. As always, SEPULCHRAL CURSE did not find it suitable to stand still and headed out to the studio to record their new EP “Deathbed Sessions”. Featuring three previously unreleased songs and one cover track as a tribute to Finnish Death Metal, the latest offering shows that SEPULCHRAL CURSE is here to take the scene by storm! Furious and relentless Death Metal combined with twisted and ominous brutality. From the more atmospheric song “Circular Aeons” to the wrathful attack of “Dystheist”, the EP shows that SEPULCHRAL CURSE is not afraid to blaze their own trail.
“Dystheist” pushes the boundaries and the sound of the band to the extremes. “Deathbed Sessions” will see the light of day on May 6th, 2022. Lycanthropic Chants is releasing the EP on vinyl, tape and digital, Transylvanian Recordings is handling the US tape and Personal Records will work with the CD.
You can catch the band live with the new line up 10.06.2022 at Bar Loose, Helsinki or 10.09.2022 at Byker Grave Festival II in Newcastle, UK. More dates will be announced.

Release info vinyl:
All versions have black inner-sleeves, 300gsm cover and 170gsm insert plus download code:

* 162x black 12” vinyl
* 113x purple 12” vinyl

Release info tape:

* 100x purple shell tapes, 170gsm cover, hand numbered, free digital download.

Catalogue number: LYNCH042