CRYPTIC BROOD merch available from Lycanthropic Chants now

CRYPTIC BROOD and Lycanthropic Chants had their own, seperate shops in the past. The people active behind these two monikers were, are and will be the same. This fact made the decision to move the CRYPTIC BROOD merch over to the Lycanthropic Chants distro.

All money from the sales of CRYPTIC BROOD merch will go uncut to the band.

DISKORD + CRYPTIC BROOD “Oscillating Brain” European tour announcement!

Lycanthropic Chants presents the “Oscillating Brain” tour that brings uncompromising and original death metal on a round trip through Europe in March 2018. The bands DISKORD (Norway) and CRYPTIC BROOD (Germany) promise to satisfy your ravaging death metal hunger, with music ranging from the very twisted and outlandish to pure lobotomy in putrid slime.

The route looks as follows. There’s still one open date (Sunday, north of France). Feel free to contact us if you’re able to help.

“Oscillating Brain” Tour
2018.03.16, GER/Hamburg @Gängeviertel
2018.03.17, BEL/Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont @Le Cercle
2018.03.18, FRA/north (need help!)
2018.03.19, FRA/Poitiers @Le Zinc
2018.03.20, BAQ/Donostia @Mogambo
2018.03.21, ESP/Zaragoza @AVV Arrebato
2018.03.22, FRA/Cavaillon @Iron Bar
2018.03.23, ITA/tba
2018.03.24, GER/Ulm @CAT




Lycanthropic Chants

RESTOS HUMANOS / PAGANIZER split 7″ out now!

Out now on Lycanthropic Chants: RESTOS HUMANOS (ITA) / PAGANIZER (SWE) split on 7″ vinyl. Black wax only! Limited to 300 copies. Catalogue number: LYNCH009

The split contains exclusive tracks from both bands and includes a digital download code.

You can find a promo teaser for this split at this location.

Available here!

+ Apply the coupon code “LYNCH009” before checking out and get 6,66% discount on all items in your shopping basket. Valid until 31st December 2017 +

Shop update #12/2017

COFFIN DUST – “Everything Is Dead” MC
COFFIN DUST – “This Cemetery, My Kingdom” MC
EXCISED – “Rotting Away” MC
GRAVEHAMMER – “Nine Days Deep” MC
GRAVESITE – “Horrifying Nightmares” MC
GRAVESITE – “Neverending Trail Of Skulls” MC
MORGUE SUPPLIER – “Morgue Supplier” LP
OLDSKULL – “Oldskull Of Death” MC
OPHIS – “The Dismal Circle” DLP
RESTOS HUMANOS – “Restos Humanos” MC restock
WRATHRONE – “Born Beneath” MC

Shop update #11/2017

New stuff was added to the distro:

ENGULFED – “Engulfed In Obscurity” LP
ENTRAPMENT – “Through Realms Unseen” MC
FILTHDIGGER – “Demo Darkness” MC
GRAVEYARD GHOUL – “Slaughtered – Defiled – Dismembered” LP
GRAVEYARD / ULCER – “Of Ancient Metal And Eternal Death” split 7inch (white vinyl)
HELLSODOMY – “Chaostorm” MC
MOLESTED – “Blod-Draum” MC restock
OBLITERATION – “Black Death Horizon” MC
REGURITATED INNARDS – “Feeding The Abominable” 7inch
RUIN – “Horrific Disgust” MC restock
TOMB MOLD – “Primordial Malignity” MC

Shop update #10/2017

Following items have been added to the distro:

ARCANE FROST – “Cosmic Winter” MC
BLOOD – “O Agios Pethane” MC
CHURCH OF DISGUST – “Dread Ritual” 7inch
CIANIDE – “Gods Of Death” MC
CRYPTIC BROOD – “Brain Eater” LP
EKPYROSIS – “Asphyxiating Devotion” LP
GRAVEYARD – “…For Thine Is The Darkness” MC
GRAVEYARD GHOUL / CRYPTIC BROOD “The Graveyard Brood” split-LP
INTO COFFIN – “Into a Pyramid of Doom” DLP restock
MABUSE – “Nekromagic” MC
NEKRO DRUNKZ – “Sleaze Metal Slaughter” 7inch
ONIRICOUS – “La Caverna De Fuego” LP
ONIRICOUS – “Ritos diabólicos” LP
PHRENELITH – “Desolate Endscape” MC
PUSROT – “Pusrot” MC
REPUGNIZER – Face Melting Apocalypse” MC
WHORE – “Doing It For The Kids” MC