FILTHDIGGER – “Defied Mummified” MC out now

First release of the new year is a hard and fast chopping spree from Norway. FILTHDIGGER serve death metal the way it’s meant to be: raw! “Defied Mummified” is the name of their new EP and it’s the first release of this band since their demo in 2017.

The tape is limited to 100 hand numbered copies. Covers are made of 300g recycling paper and there’s furthermore a free digital download code included.

The tape is available from our shop now!

Find more info about FILTHDIGGER at:

Shop update #01/2020

Hello world. Let’s kick off year 2020 with a 20% discount on all 12″ vinyl records (MLP / LP)* and a distro update. Apply the coupon code “kick2020” at the checkout and complete your collection!

New arrivals and restocks:

ANATOMIA / GRAVESITE – “Impalement / In The Basement Of The Old House” split 7″ (restock)
ATRAMENT – “Scum Sect” MC
CANCER SPREADING – “The Church Of Failures” 7″ (coloured vinyl)
COFFIN ROT – “A Monument To The Dead” LP
COFFIN ROT – “A Monument To The Dead” MC
DEIQUISITOR – “Towards Our Impending Doom” MC
MEPHITIC COPSE – “Immense Thickening Vomit” MC
SADISTIC GOATMESSIAH – “Witchcraft, Intercourse And Blasphemy” MC
ULCEROT – “Necuratu” MC (first press)
UNDEATH – “Sentinent Autolysis” MC
UNDERGANG – “Ufrivillig donation af vitale organer” MC

*valid until 31st January 2020

CRYPTIC BROOD – “Outcome Of Obnixious Science” MC available now!

The tape version of the new CRYPTIC BROOD album “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science” is available from our shop now!

Official release date = 22nd November 2019.

Three different tape versions were made:

* 66 special edition, clear shell tapes in a 300 g/m² recycling paper slipcase.
* 66 regular edition, green shell tapes.
* 66 tour edition, yellow shell tapes. (sold out, only available on the “In The Grip Of Death” Europen tour)

All tapes are hand-numbered, come with 3 panel J-card, lyric sheet and include a free digital download.

The brood’s second full-length album is a sonic lobotomy that vaporizes your brain in a vortex of filth. Rotten metal of death to shatter your skull with ghastly grindcore and distasteful doom metal, (de-)composed in their dungeon in Wolfsburg/Germany.


Slow processing of orders / GRAVEYARD GHOUL status

The shop will stay open during the “In The Grip Of Death” European tour. But orders will be processed slower.

GRAVEYARD GHOUL’s new EP “The Dissolution Of Flesh” was scheduled for a release on 27th September 2019. This wasn’t possible due to delays. The tapes arrived in the second week of October but unfortunately with bad audio quality. A replacement should arrive in about two weeks. Very sorry to let you wait for this great new EP that long.

CRYPTIC BROOD “In The Grip Of Death” European Tour 2019 with EKPYROSIS and HAEMOPHAGUS

The month of November 2019 will hold CRYPTIC BROOD in the grip of death. After ripping with HAEMOPHAGUS on the first part of the tour, the brood will join forces with EKPYROSIS on the second leg.

All dates, poster and Facebook event pages:

“In The Grip Of Death” European Tour 2019

Part I, ripping with HAEMOPHAGUS

31st Oct – ITA, Bologna @ Circolo Bunker (Facebook)
1st Nov – SVN, Postojna @ MCP (Facebook)
2nd Nov – HRV, Zagreb @ Klub Močvara (Facebook)
3rd Nov – AUT, Linz @ secret place (Facebook)
4th Nov – HUN, Győr @ A Beton (Facebook)
5th Nov – ROU, Cluj-Napoca @ Zipp It (Facebook)
6th Nov – ROU, Bucarest @ B52 (Facebook)
7th Nov – BGR, Sofia @ Grindhouse Skateboard Club (Facebook)
8th Nov – GRC, Ioannina @ Antiviosi
9th Nov – GRC, Larisa, @ Antidrastirio (Facebook)
10th Nov – GRC, Athens @ Temple Club (Facebook)

Part II, rotting with EKPYROSIS

14th Nov – GER, Regensburg @ Alte Mälzerei (Facebook)
15th Nov – GER, Halle an der Saale @ Turm (Facebook)
16th Nov – CZE, Slavonice @ Barakos (Facebook)
17th Nov – AUT, Graz @ Club Wakuum (Facebook)
18th Nov – HUN, Budapest @ A Kripta
19th Nov – CZE, Praha @ 007 (Facebook)
20th Nov – GER, Köln @ Valhalla Metal Pub (Facebook)
21st Nov – GER, Osnabrück @ Bastard Club (Facebook)
22nd Nov – GER, Berlin @ Kastanienkeller (Facebook)
23rd Nov – GER, Kassel @ Goldgrube (Facebook)




MINENFELD + MARDRÖM, die Protector aftershow show

Am Samstag, den 5. Oktober 2019 spielen PROTECTOR in Wolfsburg im Hallenbad. Das Konzert endet um 23:00 Uhr und da dann alle noch Durst auf Metal haben, geht’s eine Tür weiter in den Sauna-Klub zur Aftershow Show mit:

MINENFELD (Death Metal / GER, Osnabrück)
MARDRÖM (Grindcore / GER, Osnabrück)

Danach gibt’s eine Fistful Of Metal aus der Dose auf die Ohren!

Facebook event.

MINENFELD veröffentlichten gerade erst ihr erstes Album via Lycanthropic Chants. Großartiger Death Metal rollt euch hier platt und wird kontrastiert von originalen Propaganda-Reden aus den USA, die die Beteiligung der USA glorifizieren und den jungen Männern “The Great Adventure” versprachen aber letztendlich bloß alle in einen grausamen Tod schickte. Möge es nie wieder Faschismus und Krieg geben! MARDRÖM spielen eine D-Takt getriebene Mischung aus Death Metal und Grindcore. HM2-Sound trifft auf Crustpunk. Energie ohne Ende, genau der richtige Föhn zur späten Stunde. Für Besucher des Konzerts im Hallenbad ist der Eintritt frei, alle Anderen zahlen 5 EUR.

Inevitable Death


GRAVEYARD GHOUL: new song, new EP

Check out the new song from GRAVEYARD GHOUL! Their new EP “The Dissolution Of Flesh” will be released by Lycanthropic Chants very soon. It’s already available from our shop now at this location.

The tape will be available in two versions:

44 special edition tapes housed in a craft paper coffin plus sticker.
111 regular edition tapes.

All tapes include a free digital download code.

SNĚŤ and BASTARD GRAVE tapes out now!

Today, Lycanthropic Chants presents two new releases some of you have been waiting for:

SNĚŤ – “Promo 2019” MC (LYNCH018)

Promo tape by this promising band from Prague/Czech Republic. Studio- plus live recordings that will give you an impression of the sick Death Metal we can await in the future. Promo tape limited to hand numbered 100 copies. Cover printed on 300g recycled paper. Free digital download code included.

Order from our shop.

Listen to the studio recordings here.

BASTARD GRAVE – “Diorama Of Human Suffering” MC (LYNCH020)

High quality dödsmetall hailing from Hel(l)singborg/Sweden. BASTARD GRAVE’s second full-length album is a great next step in their discography, taking their Death Metal into an unexpected direction. The tape is limited to 133 hand numbered copies. Covers printed on matt 250g paper. Free digital download code included.

Order from our shop.

Listen here.