Shop update #06/2021

GOSUDAR – “Morbid Despotic Ritual” LP (black vinyl)
GOSUDAR – “Morbid Despotic Ritual” LP (bronze swirl vinyl)
MACE HEAD – “Sanctuary” MC
MASOCHIST – “Chaos Of World Possession” MC
Mold Report #2 (restock)
MVLTIFISSION – “Decomposition In The Painful Metamorphosis” MC
NEKROFILTH – “The Early Demos” MC
NOXIS – “Expanse Of Hellish Black Mire” 10″ (restock – black vinyl)
PESTILENT DEATH – “Putrid Vaticination” MC
PREHISTORIC WAR CULT – “Cold Wind Howls Over The Burial Site” MC
PUSTILENCE – “The Birth Of The Beginning Before The Inception Of The End” MC
VRENTH – “Baptism Death” LP (black vinyl)
VRENTH – “Baptism Death” LP (red/black marbled vinyl)

SNĚŤ – “Mokvání V Okovech” MC out now!

SNĚŤ – “Mokvání V Okovech” MC

„Mokvání V Okovech“, the debut album from Prague-based tormentors SNĚŤ, makes great on the promise about everything you would expect of subterranean and monstrous Death Metal. Pure darkness and aggression is here, their first sonic exploration of the essence from the devastating and crushing nature of its predecessor, AUTOPSY to the very early of Swedeath, done with the utterly right feeling.

It would take another two years before SNĚŤ deliver their debut. It was very much worth the wait when it arrived. Eight tracks of pounding, deeper with its melodies, obscure Death Metal await the listener. This Czech entity will destroy everything with relentless savagery and mind-mangling cryptic music.

To resume then – SNĚŤ has a great obscure and dark feeling which is infectious. At some parts it’s mercilessly fast fueled with an explosion of madness and sometimes it’s slower encrusted with a thick layer of brilliant morbid riffs, they are forever twisting and never stagnating. Which is to say nothing but their debut has a gigantic and powerful production, that also underlines their devotion to death metal classicism is inevitable. And the cover art courtesy of Tomáš Mitura describes the record perfectly. It certainly does a legit mark, SNĚŤ is offering something else.

If you seek grandiose innovation, you are now roaming the right cemetery.

* 33 copies in a 300gsm folding box that will please your pathological urge (see pictures on the product page!), 170gsm inlay and orange shell tape. Hand numbered and including a download-code.
* 111 regular edition copies on yellow shell tapes, hand numbered and including a digital download-code.

DISMORFIA – “Repulsive Mutation” MC out now!

DISMORFIA – “Repulsive Mutation” MC

DISMORFIA is a serious sickness yet horribly filthy at the same time in the realms of the extreme metal world which surely will make a name for themselves. Their debut demo is indeed a collection of horrors. These Peruvian underground stalwarts play the realest death metal grindcore in the vein of classic piece of filth death metal grindcore. The sound of their music is perfect and oozing and disgusting. It sounds better than most other extreme violence releases out there – even by today’s standards.

Every song on this demo is utterly stunning. Unbridled cruelty channeled into 3 tracks of masterful death-grind with endless amounts of heavy riffs from its predecessor. It is DISMORFIA’s demo where they truly dive into the deep end, delving into the subterranean of the music, making each of their songs atmosphere heavy to the bones. DISMORFIA’s grasp of a definite mood of evil and dynamics combined with aggression over their demo they so masterfully display. And indeed, the twisted artwork makes a significant portion that DISMORFIA strives to explore all things sickening.

If you’re into filthy, original and gore obsessed, you cannot do anything but own this album and play it religiously.

* 100 regular edition copies on transparent shell tapes, with inlay plus poster. All copies are hand numbered and include a download-code.

Shop update #05/2021

APOFENIA – “A Cold Night’s Death” MC
CRYPTIC BROOD button pins (25mm / 1inch)
CRYPTIC BROOD glow in the dark button pin (25mm / 1inch)
EVULSE – “Call Of The Void” 7″ (white vinyl)
EVULSE – “Pustulant Spawn” MC
Lycanthropic Chants button pins (25mm / 1inch)
MINENFELD / NOIR – “Collaboration” MC
PYRE – “Chained To Ossuaries” LP
REPULSIVE FEAST button pins (25mm / 1inch)

INCARCERATION – “Empricism” MC – “Catharsis” MC – “Sacrifice” MC out now

Today not only marks the official release of INCARCERATION’s new EP “Empricism” on tape via Lycanthropic Chants, but also the complete discography to date: Their debut album “Catharsis“ is out on tape for the first time and the debut-EP “Sacrifice” finally available on tape again. All options – including bundles – are available from our shop.

INCARERATION – “Empiricism” MC

With 21 minutes long, the record presents four brand new tracks and the two new guitarists Pedro Capaça (VIOLATOR) and Alex Obscured (SPEEDWHORE, OBSCURED BY EVIL). The cover illustration was signed by Rodrigo Salvatierra. It is the band’s most creative and ambitious – yet raw – production to date. For this reason it’s recommended only for underground extreme demo-tape worshippers.

* 33 copies in a 300gsm papyrus style slipcase, with inlay and tape in the same colouring. Hand numbered and including a download-code. (sold out)
* 66 copies in a 300gsm cardboard slipcase, with red inlay, dark purple tape, hand numbered and including a digital download- code.
* 100 regular edition copies on red shell tapes, hand numbered and including a digital download-code.


This album is nothing less than an overdose of pure merciless killer death metal devastation! Filled with fast and frenetic riffs and total chaos!!! Available on tape for the very first time.

* 33 copies in a 300gsm chromo cardboard slipcase, silver shell tapes, hand numbered and including a download-code.
* 100 regular edition copies copies on silver shell tapes, hand numbered and including a download-code.


Featuaring the songs „Sacrifice“, „Forsaken And Forgotten“ and „Cemetery Of Lies“. You all know these tracks from the band’s intense live appereances.

* 33 copies in a 300gsm cardboard slipcase, sandy shell tapes, hand numbered and including a download-code.
* 66 regular edition copies copies on sandy shell tapes, hand numbered and including a download-code.

CARNAL TOMB – „Festering Presence“ 7″ pre-order

Available for pre-order from our shop!

Germany, Berlin based old-schoolers CARNAL TOMB return with another impressive works. Through “Festering Presence”, CARNAL TOMB is keeping their music signature ever so savage and filthy. The Germans may employ the ever-popular buzzsaw cult pioneered by the Swedes but their new EP is laced with higher-set bars of compelling musical arrangement. It’s a solid classic sound with tons of morbid atmosphere and it will take you back to the days of old – when death metal was obscure and original.

Part of what makes the two tracks of “Festering Presence” greater among others is the flawless production quality by Tobias Engl and mastered by Laurent Teubl at Sculpt Sound Studios, who again proved to be the finest men in making death metal with a sinister sense of clarity. The bass lines are spot on accurate and mixed at the right level to compliment the impending doom on every song, the new bass player force definitely adds another fathom to the depths of their music. The new EP also features collaboration with Matt Mendoza of BASTARD PRIEST that surely fits the whole image of horror CARNAL TOMB has.

Last but not least, the artwork by Skaðvaldur precisely reflects the musical approach. If you consider a diehard of any kind of horror and rotten music. The truth has been spoken:

* 100 copies on black vinyl in a black inner sleve and a noble jacket. Includes a free digital download code.

* 200 copies on transparent vinyl with dusty & festering splatter in a black inner sleve and a noble jacket. Includes a free digital download code.

Catalogue number: LYNCH030
Release date: 26th March 2021

More info about CARNAL TOMB can be found at:

Shop update #02/2021

ANATOMICAL PLASTINATION – “Removal Of The Dead Flesh” 7″
ANCIENT CRYPTS – “Inhaling The Fumes Of A Burning Carcass” MC
AXESLAUGHTER – “New Darkness Rises + Cleaverland Rehearsal Hell” MC
BUTCHER ABC – “Live At Helsinki Death Fest 2019” MC
COAGULATE – “The Art Of Cryptosis” MC
CRYPTIC BROOD – “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science” MC (Burning Coffin Records)
CRYPTIC BROOD – “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science” Pull The Plug woven patch
DEATHEVOKER – “Vast Terrifying Death” MC
EATEN ALIVE – “Spawned By Gore” MC
GOLEM OF GORE – “Obsessive Murderous Manias” 7″
GRAVEHAMMER – “Voices From The Grave” MC
IGOR MORTIS – “Ravenous Appetite For Human Flesh” MC
MORBUS GRAVE / DEATHFUCKER – “Defilers In Morbid Decay” split-MC
MOTHER OF GRAVES – “In Somber Dreams” CD
MOTHER OF GRAVES – “In Somber Dreams” MC
NOXIS – “Expanse Of Hellish Black Mire” 10″ (gold)
PHANTASMAGORE – “Abominations…” MC
REVOLTING – “Hymns Of Ghastly Horror” MC
SEPULCRUM – “Corpse Dividing Holes” MC

DAWN OF OBLITERATION – „Ruins“ MLP and MC pre-order

In death metal there is no law!

Hamburg based death metal commando DAWN OF OBLITERATION definitely set out to conquer the underground scene with their latest EP entitled “Ruins”. This release will beat loads of other records in terms of its sheer ferocity and the oppressively heavy the whole thing is. “Ruins” is a great successor to their previous masterpiece release “Dawn of Obliteration” in 2013.

It is essentially a purer form of death metal – free from any of the classic death metal traits that oftentimes only stick with one influential preference to bring forth its madness. You can hear many great influences from various death and doom metal classick of yesteryear in some places. One could even say this EP bears the resemblance of heaviness to the work of mighty BOLT THROWER. And that is saying something.

The quality of “Ruins” lies not within individual songs but the whole EP in its entirety under 14:40 minutes of rough savagery. Of corpse, the full impression this new DAWN OF OBLITERATION will smashes mercilessly onto its death metal fans with their unrelenting atmosphere of horror. And if there is a release that came out in the year of 2019 that is meant to blow your mind away and worth mentioning, this is definitely that proper choice and will finally be available physically:

* 250 copies on one sided 12“ black vinyl with etching on side B. The release is hand nubmered and comes in a 300g/m²cover with black inner sleve and includes a free digital download code. Order here.

* 100 copies on grey shell tape, hand numbered and includes a free digital download code. Order here.

Catalogue number: LYNCH027
Release date: 26th February 2021