EKPYROSIS – “Primordial Chaos Restored” press quotes

Here’s a collection of selected review quotes about EKPYROSIS‘ latest EP “Primordial Chaos Restored”.

The EP is available on tape from this location.

Great to see it has been critically acclaimed, both on metal webzines and paper magazines:

“Even darker than the album material!”

– Rock Hard (GER)

“An EP devoted to darkness and merciless chaos.”


“The production and performances throughout this EP are sounding fierce. Solid material!”

– Zero Tolerance Magazine (GBR)

“This expands even more into Finnish and American Death-Doom-matter! Well done!”

– Legacy – The Voice From The Dark Side (GER)

“A genuine and inspired death metal distillate.”

– Metalitalia.com (ITA)

“Ekpyrosis’ brand of mouldy, yet extra-terrestrial death metal is sure to stand the test of time”

– Metal Forces (GBR)

“A fine old school Death Metal gem”

– Voices From The Darkside (GER)

“Pitch black!”

– Hell-is-open.de (GER)

“The riffing and guitar work is great”

– Metal Temple (GRE)

“Fans of Immolation, Incantation and mid-period Morbid Angel can buy this without a pre-listen.”

– Lords Of Metal (NLD)

“This is death metal worth dying for!”

– Toilet ov Hell (USA)

“This EP offers an insight into sulphureos, gloomy yet outright violent death metal”

– Metal It – www.metal.it (ITA)

Shop update #05/2018

ATARAXY – “Where All Hope Fades” MC
BLASPHERIAN – “Infernal Warriors Of Death” MC
BUTCHER ABC – “North Of Hell” MC
CAUSTIC WOUND – “Caustic Wound” MC
KONVENT – “Konvent” MC
NEKRO DRUNKZ – “Sleaze Metal Slaughter” 7″ (restock)
OBSCURE INFINITY – “Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness” MC
OPHIS – “The Dismal Circle” DLP (restock)
OPHIS – “Withered Shades” DLP (restock)
REVEL IN FLESH – “Emissary Of All Plagues” MC (restock)
ROTTED – “Pestilent Tomb” MC

HAEMOPHAGUS + EKPYROSIS “Impending Dread Over Europe” tour

HAEMOPHAUGS + EKPYROSIS will terrorize you with their two weeks long “Impending Dread Over Europe” tour. The tour stars tomorrow and looks like this:

2018.05.18, CHE/Wil @S20 (Facebook)
2018.05.19, GER/Kassel @Hellroom (Facebook)
2018.05.20, GER/Darmstadt @Oetinger Villa (Facebook)
2018.05.21, GER/Bonn @BLA (Facebook)
2018.05.22, BEL/Antwerp @Music City (Facebook)
2018.05.23, NLD/Groningen @Bambara (Facebook)
2018.05.24, GER/Wolfsburg @s.v. Jugendhaus Ost (Facebook)
2018.05.25, GER/Torgau @Grind The Nazi Scum Festival (Facebook)
2018.05.26, GER/Hamburg @Gängeviertel (Facebook)
2018.05.27, DNK/Copenhagen @Ungdomshuset (Facebook)
2018.05.29, GER/Rostock @BLM Tonstudio (Facebook)
2018.05.30, CZE/Prague @Modra Vopice (Facebook)
2018.05.31, SVK/Bratislava @Garazach (Facebook)
2018.06.01, HUN/Budapest @Pince (Facebook)
2018.06.02, SVN/Ljubljana @Gromka (Facebook)
2018.06.03, ITA/Milano @Circolo Svolta, Rozzano (Facebook)

HAEMOPHAGUS‘ third album “Stream Of Shadows” was released on vinyl by Lycanthropic Chants and is available here.

HAEMOPHAGUS - "Stream Of Shadows" LP cover. Artwork by Luis Sendón.
HAEMOPHAGUS – “Stream Of Shadows” LP cover. Artwork by Luis Sendón.

Shop update #04/2018

Three new items and four restocks added to the distro:

ANATOMIA / SURGIKILL split 7″ (restock)
ATAVISMA – “On The Ruins Of A Fallen Empire” 7″
COFFIN ROT – “Coffin Rot” MC
DISKORD – “Doomscapes” LP (black/pink vinyl) (restock)
GHOULGOTHA / RUIN – “Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease” split 7″ (restock)
GHOULGOTHA / RUIN – “Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease” split 7″ (clear vinyl) (restock)
ROTHEADS – “Sewer Fiends” MC

ANATOMIA + CRYPTIC BROOD “Infectious Decay” European tour announcement!

“Infectious Decay” is description enough to give this disgusting tour – presented by Lycanthropic Chants – a proper name: Japan’s most horrifying Death Metal outfit ANATOMIA joins forces with the mold loving creeps of CRYPTIC BROOD from Germany to deliver a week full of slimy and morbid tunes. The dismal events will take place from 29th September 2018 to 06th October 2018 …beware!

Interested bookers get in touch via lycanthropic(-at-)email(-dot-)de

Poster art by Necromaniac Artworks.



Lycanthropic Chants

CASKET / GRAVEYARD GHOUL split 7″ out now

Out now: CASKET / GRAVEYARD GHOUL split 7″

Lycanthropic Chants opens the coffin lid to unveil two of the mouldiest bands from the German Death Metal underground:

~300 copies. Limited versions are available. Exclusive tracks from both bands. Includes a free digital download.

A GRAVEYARD GHOUL motion picture will smash your head with a tombstone at this location.

Please find a short teaser for this split release here.

Order here: http://lycanthropic-chants.de/shop/casket-graveyard-ghoul-split-7

Black vinyl = 147 copies
Green/black marbled vinyl = 97 copies
Mouldy orange vinyl = 43 copies

Feel free to spread the flyer for this release: http://lycanthropic-chants.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/lynch010flyer-web.jpg