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Finally it’s possible to announce this European double death on wax. BASTARD GRAVE from Sweden and GRAVEYARD GHOUL from Germany are hereby giving proof that the underground is still vital and nothing is strong enough to smash the bond within this realm! This split presents one exclusive song from each band.

BASTARD GRAVE pursue the musical direction – a darker type of Death Metal – they came up with on their second full-length album. This means this song has the right balance between fast and bulldozing parts and the right amount of varied breaks on the right spot.

GRAVEYARD GHOUL contribute the first track with their new guitarist. Still playing their rancid style of Death Metal they are known for, „Dying Consciously“ has some fresh (if this is the correct word for this type of musick?) elements inherent, that adds a welcome variety to their sound.

Some facts about the release:
– 300gsm jacket with 3mm spine
– 300gsm insert with hand written lyrics and flyers of shows the bands played together
– 42g 7“ vinyl in following editions:
– – black vinyl limited to 111 copies
– – brown vinyl with black marble limited to 66 copies
– – transparent orange vinyl with black marble limited to 66 copies
– includes a free digital download code

Cover artwork by Necromaniac Art. Layout by Steffen Brandes. Inlay artwork & layout by Max Winkel.

Catalogue number: LYNCH036
Release date: 3rd September 2021

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