DISMORFIA – “Repulsive Mutation” MC out now!

DISMORFIA – “Repulsive Mutation” MC

DISMORFIA is a serious sickness yet horribly filthy at the same time in the realms of the extreme metal world which surely will make a name for themselves. Their debut demo is indeed a collection of horrors. These Peruvian underground stalwarts play the realest death metal grindcore in the vein of classic piece of filth death metal grindcore. The sound of their music is perfect and oozing and disgusting. It sounds better than most other extreme violence releases out there – even by today’s standards.

Every song on this demo is utterly stunning. Unbridled cruelty channeled into 3 tracks of masterful death-grind with endless amounts of heavy riffs from its predecessor. It is DISMORFIA’s demo where they truly dive into the deep end, delving into the subterranean of the music, making each of their songs atmosphere heavy to the bones. DISMORFIA’s grasp of a definite mood of evil and dynamics combined with aggression over their demo they so masterfully display. And indeed, the twisted artwork makes a significant portion that DISMORFIA strives to explore all things sickening.

If you’re into filthy, original and gore obsessed, you cannot do anything but own this album and play it religiously.

* 100 regular edition copies on transparent shell tapes, with inlay plus poster. All copies are hand numbered and include a download-code.