Coming soon on Lycanthropic Chants: HAEMOPHAGUS – “Stream Of Shadows” LP

Lycanthropic Chants presents the third album of HAEMOPHAGUS entitled “Stream Of Shadows” on vinyl!

The ceaseless activity of this Italian band forged their inevitable strength: Merging the legacy of the old gods that started this rumbling noise back in the eighties and nineties in a filthy pot and flavouring this with conterminal ideas of tumours that grew close to our gory favourites. You’ll get enthralling work on the string section fortified by pounding drums as fundament for horrific voices from the other side. Perpetuated on the waxy mass of all our desires, ennobled by a lyric insert, poster and free digital download this release is an addictive transgression!

The album will be available on 400x black and 100x dark green vinyl.

Pre-sale starts now! Release date: 16th June 2017

Listen to the album at this location.

HAEMOPHAGUS - "Stream Of Shadows" LP cover. Artwork by Luis Sendón.
HAEMOPHAGUS – “Stream Of Shadows” LP cover. Artwork by Luis Sendón.