CASKET / FILTHDIGGER – “Butcher’s Vomit” split-7″ out now!

CASKET / FILTHDIGGER – “Butcher’s Vomit” split on 7″ vinyl is out now!

The world is in utter chaos as German horrific death metallers CASKET is joining force with the unstoppable Norwegian gravediggers FILTHDIGGER to unleash a new split 7″. Each band provides one recording with a total running nearly eleven minutes — a significant number to create something extremely significant release. And what makes this split release an entirely fascinating piece of art, these two entities are successfully keeping the darkest, oldest roots of death metal’s savagery and morbid majesty intact in a surprisingly short amount of time.

The pairing combines two tracks with a storm of malevolent riffs and very powerful and remarkable melody lines. Both CASKET and FILTHDIGGER sonically and aesthetically align to create a whole in an underground charm. The relentless morbidity coupled with tons of catchy and groovy passages is a perfect dose that does not lack anything that will make diehards devote their ears to this 7″.

All versions have black inner-sleeves, 300gsm cover and 170gsm insert plus download code:

50x splodgy butcher’s suite blue
100x butcher’s vomit beige
150x black vinyl

Release date: 1st April 2022
Catalogue number: LYNCH037