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Germany, Berlin based old-schoolers CARNAL TOMB return with another impressive works. Through “Festering Presence”, CARNAL TOMB is keeping their music signature ever so savage and filthy. The Germans may employ the ever-popular buzzsaw cult pioneered by the Swedes but their new EP is laced with higher-set bars of compelling musical arrangement. It’s a solid classic sound with tons of morbid atmosphere and it will take you back to the days of old – when death metal was obscure and original.

Part of what makes the two tracks of “Festering Presence” greater among others is the flawless production quality by Tobias Engl and mastered by Laurent Teubl at Sculpt Sound Studios, who again proved to be the finest men in making death metal with a sinister sense of clarity. The bass lines are spot on accurate and mixed at the right level to compliment the impending doom on every song, the new bass player force definitely adds another fathom to the depths of their music. The new EP also features collaboration with Matt Mendoza of BASTARD PRIEST that surely fits the whole image of horror CARNAL TOMB has.

Last but not least, the artwork by Skaðvaldur precisely reflects the musical approach. If you consider a diehard of any kind of horror and rotten music. The truth has been spoken:

* 100 copies on black vinyl in a black inner sleve and a noble jacket. Includes a free digital download code.

* 200 copies on transparent vinyl with dusty & festering splatter in a black inner sleve and a noble jacket. Includes a free digital download code.

Catalogue number: LYNCH030
Release date: 26th March 2021

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