DAWN OF OBLITERATION – „Ruins“ MLP and MC pre-order

In death metal there is no law!

Hamburg based death metal commando DAWN OF OBLITERATION definitely set out to conquer the underground scene with their latest EP entitled “Ruins”. This release will beat loads of other records in terms of its sheer ferocity and the oppressively heavy the whole thing is. “Ruins” is a great successor to their previous masterpiece release “Dawn of Obliteration” in 2013.

It is essentially a purer form of death metal – free from any of the classic death metal traits that oftentimes only stick with one influential preference to bring forth its madness. You can hear many great influences from various death and doom metal classick of yesteryear in some places. One could even say this EP bears the resemblance of heaviness to the work of mighty BOLT THROWER. And that is saying something.

The quality of “Ruins” lies not within individual songs but the whole EP in its entirety under 14:40 minutes of rough savagery. Of corpse, the full impression this new DAWN OF OBLITERATION will smashes mercilessly onto its death metal fans with their unrelenting atmosphere of horror. And if there is a release that came out in the year of 2019 that is meant to blow your mind away and worth mentioning, this is definitely that proper choice and will finally be available physically:

* 250 copies on one sided 12“ black vinyl with etching on side B. The release is hand nubmered and comes in a 300g/m²cover with black inner sleve and includes a free digital download code. Order here.

* 100 copies on grey shell tape, hand numbered and includes a free digital download code. Order here.

Catalogue number: LYNCH027
Release date: 26th February 2021

INCARCERATION – “Empiricism” track premier, tape and shirt pre-order

A first track from the upcoming EP “Empiricism” by INCARCARATION premiered on CVLT Nation today!

According to this, another special edition and the regular edition of the tape is available for pre-order now.

The tape is available for pre-order from our shop. Release is scheduled to 16th April 2021.

Official t-shirts and longsleeves were also added to the shop. They will be out on the same date as the tapes.

INCARCERATION – “Empiricism” MC available for pre-order

Brazilian/German Death Metal quartet INCARCERATION officially announced their upcoming release “Empiricism”. With 21 minutes long, the record presents four brand new tracks and the two new guitarists Pedro Capaça (VIOLATOR) and Alex Obscured (SPEEDWHORE, OBSCURED BY EVIL). The cover illustration was signed by Rodrigo Salvatierra, and each song has its own illustration by Jenglot Hitam. It is the band’s most creative and ambitious – yet raw – production to date. For this reason it’s recommended only for underground extreme demo-tape worshippers. “Empricism” is scheduled to be released on tape via Lycanthropic Chants on 16th April 2021.

It’s totally clear, many people were waiting for this EP for very long. So before putting up the regular edition of the tape, we’d like to feed the maniacs with a special edition: This version is limited to 33 copies with slipcase, inlay and tape in bone-papyrus colouring. The regular edition will stick to the blood dripping layout of the EP.

The tape is available for pre-order from our shop.

REPULSIVE FEAST – „Meat Hook Mutilation“ 7“ EP out now

Come and feast at the repulsive fusion of death metal and grindcore. After gaining decent recognition last year with the „Brewing Rancid Stew“ EP, the German gruesome trio returns to the sound of classic and abrasive death/grind riffing from the masters of gore under the name „Meat Hook Mutilation“.

The new material is beyond the epitome of sickness – a total of four tracks, clocking under 10 minutes of grinding death’s breath, that will leave the listeners ear bleeding from disgust.

Each track easily stands out on its own, from „The Dead Walk at Night“ to „Vapour Torture“ that allows the music to be blazingly fast and furious but never becomes dull. Unlike its predecessor, „Meat Hook Mutilation“ drifts into their most violent and primitive works. Release facts:

* 150 copies on black vinyl
* 100 copies on white vinyl with meat hook marble
* 50 copies on fleshy vinyl with black marble

The record is housed in a black inner sleve and a fold out cover made of 300g thick paper and includes a free digital download code.

Order the 7″ from our shop.

Artwork by Syrtis Art. Layout by FINAdesigns.

Catalogue number: LYNCH031
Release date: 11th December 2020

Shop update #13/2020

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Re-opening and shop update #11/2020

The shop is open again. Shipping will resume. Thanks for your understanding over the past weeks.

New records have been added to the distro:

COAGULATE – “The Art of Cryptosis” MC
MOLDER – “Vanished Cadavers” LP (restock, 2nd press on yellow vinyl)
SEDIMENTUM / PHOBOPHILIC – “Horrific Manifestations” split 7″
SEDIMENTUM / PHOBOPHILIC – “Horrific Manifestations” split MC
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